Matthieu Petrigh

Performance service for website

For as little as £249 per month I will curate your website day after day for it to become more secure and faster, bit by bit. There is no silver bullet when this comes to having a performing website, and improvements must be gradual, controlled, evaluated and monitored over time.
From scoping the improvements that have to be done, assessing risks, prioritising quick wins, adjusting few lines of code here and there to implementing a custom made Content Security Policy, I will do it all.

How I work and what's included?

If you already have an IT administrator or a webmaster, I will work with them as a team. If you don't, then we will work together, you and I, simple as that.
Extra costs such as SSL certificate, a better hosting provider, a CDN etc are excluded from my service. However, I will give you my recommendations and assist you in choosing and implementing the most cost-effective options.

Contact info

Email matthieu[AT]petrigh[DOT]dev
Fingerprint: 29b257769fc4ffcde4f18a04d42c9111da9b8486

How can I help you today?

Performance service for more secure, viable, resilient and Internet-ready websites with all the bells and whistles of modern web security included. Ideally, the security rating of any website should be A or A+ without it impacting on its overall performance and accessibility.
I'm a website developer specialising in performance and security with over a decade of experience and I offer my service to SMEs and security companies. I build simple but robust solutions whilst adhering to web security best practices, design patterns and clean code principles. I can help you get:


Because your visitors have expectations, both in terms of performance and security. And because you have liabilities to reduce, and a reputation to maintain as well.
Evidence demonstrates that the average performance of a website is 36.48%, with an average security scoring of 19.26%; you cannot be that bad!